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The unspeakable depravity of the way they dress... the unimaginable horror of their singing... only wretched SCVM would side with...



In the swamps of the dying world born and raised. In the bog is where they spend most of their days. Killing stuff, brewing, relaxing in pools, shooting some travellers that behaved like absolute fools. Until a couple of scvm who were up to no good, started making trouble in their neighborhood...

Enjoy a swamp themed class!

Inspired by some creatures from some TTRPG, the Swamp Thing movies, and the feeling to be the odd one in a group.
Made for the Monster Mash Jam from the Bogfolk!


Frogborn is an independent production by Georg "Getaro" Dünnwald and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.


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